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Tips to Save on Road Trip Costs

Tips to Save on Road Trip Costs

Learn how to save on road trip costs

Many Americans are opting for road trips over flying this year as coronavirus cases continue to spike across the country. Many families have been separated due to the pandemic. It’s been five months since cases begin to spread, and people are becoming anxious to see each other. As disease experts worn people to avoid indoor places with crowds, air travel remains risky. As a result, more people are considering hopping in a car or renting an RV to get across the country.

Road trips can seem like an affordable way to travel, but there are hidden costs. Here are just a few ways to save on road trip costs.

1. Create a budget

Save on road trip costs by creating a budget. To create a budget that will work, you will need to plan your route first. If you don’t research potential routes in advance, you could end up taking a longer route that costs you more on gas, food and hotels. There are resources to help you plan a road trip route like

2. Research hotels in advance

Once you have decided on a route, you will know which cities you will be staying in overnight. Research and book hotels in advance to save. There are many sites you can use to compare hotel rates like Kayak. Just don’t forget to check the hotel site as well to ensure you’re getting the best price. If you have to book your hotel last minute, you can use Hotels Tonight and app that provides discounts on last minute stays. If hotel rooms are too pricey during your stay, you can always book an Airbnb. 

3. Camp instead

You save a ton by skipping hotels and camp instead when possible. Of course, this doesn’t make sense if you don’t have campaign equipment. If you do own the right equipment, there are several free campsites to help you save. If you prefer a hot shower, there are paid campsites that are still cheaper than hotels. Find campsites using iOverlander.

4. Find the best parking

Parking can be one of the most expensive aspects of a road trip. Research parking lots in advance to score the best value lot. Hotels can charge a lot for parking, even if you self-park. Research budget lots around your hotel. Some areas will have lots walking distance from your hotel. If you’re only staying at a hotel for one night, you might be able to find overnight street parking.  

5. Go grocery shopping

Don’t buy snacks from the gas station or fuel your body on fast food. Go grocery shopping ahead of your trip and buy snacks in bulk to save. If you’re traveling in an RV, you can keep food in the fridge. If you’re traveling by car, a cooler can help you keep food fresh on shorter trips.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it hard for many families to see each other. A road trip might be the safest way for you to travel, but it can still be expensive. If you need funding for your road trip, you can request a personal loan through Brighter Pays.

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