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Back-to-School Moments During a Pandemic

How to Save Back-to-School Moments During a Pandemic

How parents can save back-to-school moments for children

The pandemic has altered many things about the way we live and going back-to-school is one. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the country, many schools are continuing virtual learning through the fall. Some schools are going completely online, while others are taking a hybrid approach. High school seniors are facing losing their last school days to the coronavirus, and five-year-olds are missing their first days of school. Back-to-school is a fun time of year for both parents and children. One of the most exciting parts of back-to-school is shopping for new supplies and clothing. If your child is bummed out about missing back-to-school moments due to COVID-19, here are some ways you can make it up to them.

1. Create a countdown

Children should happily anticipate the start of a school year, even if it’s virtual. Make counting down to back-to-school fun by creating a countdown chain or advent calendar. You could fill a jar with candy, coins or healthy snack and let them have one each day of the countdown.

2. School photos

Getting your school photos taken is another fun back-to-school activity. It’s especially important when it’s your senior portrait. You could rent a professional camera or hire a photographer to take portraits at home. There are affordable lighting tools on Amazon as well, so you can create a studio at home. If you have a newer cell phone, your mobile device might have a good enough camera as well.

3. Capture the first day of school

If your child was heading to their first day of school, especially if it’s kindergarten, you would probably take their photo. Keep that tradition even if their first day is a virtual one. Make a sign together that says “first day of school.” There are many chalkboards and bulletin boards you can purchase to add to the photo.

4. Buy a back-to-school outfit

Your child was probably looking forward to back-to-school shopping. While they might not need a full wardrobe to go back to school, a new outfit makes the first day back special. Let them pick out a special outfit for virtual classes.

5. Pack a lunch

Pack your little one a special lunch to eat at a designated lunch time. Try to schedule your meetings and workload, so that you can have lunch with them. Add a note with a special first day back message for an extra special touch.

6. Pick up school supplies

Even virtual classes require school supplies and unfortunately, you can’t rely on the school’s supplies. Depending on what grade your child is in, she could need scissors, crayons, markers, pencils, pens, notebooks and so on. Got back-to-school shopping for these supplies together and let your little one put their supplies in the cart.

7. Host show-and-tell

If you have a younger child, she probably would have had show-and-tell at school. Allow your child to share her favorite toy, game or something she created with the family.

8. Plan activities for after the school day ends

School isn’t all reading and writing. Kids have designated time for outdoor play, group activities and exercise. Make sure your child has time for outdoor activities as well.

9. End the day with a special treat

The first day back-to-school can be nerve wracking. Your child is meeting a new teacher and classmates. Help them celebrate getting through the first day with a special treat. If you have the time, make a homemade treat together for another group activity.

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