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Consider These Used Cars if You’re Shopping for a New Vehicle

These used cars shine above the rest.

With the economy still on shaky ground due to the pandemic, many more Americans are considering used cars over new models. There are a lot of savings to be had when you choose used over new. Cars depreciate quickly, and the right used car can be a better investment. If you are in the market for a new car, consider these used cars.

1. Honda CRV

Compact SUVs are only growing in their popularity. The Honda CR-V is consistently topping the used car lists as well as the new car lists. It’s spacious for its size, performs well, is affordable and gets an impressive gas mileage. According to consumer reports, you can expect to pay around $17k to $23.5k for a 2017 model.   

2. Kia Soul

A brand new Kia Soul starts at just under $18k. That puts it at $8,000 less than the MSRP for a Honda CRV. It’s popular for its height and cargo space despite it’s small frame. It also has a lot of standard technology and safety features. According to Consumer Reports, you can get a 2017 model for under $10,000.

3. Acura MDX

If you are looking for a larger and more luxurious SUV, consider the Acura MDX. Enjoy a third row in this luxury midsized vehicle. It has good fuel economy for its class and is known for being safe. It also retains its value well. While the 2021 model starts at about $45,000, the cost drops almost 25% if you shop the 2020 model. If you can deal with a 2018 model, you can spend under $30,000.

4. Honda Accord

If a sedan is more your speed, consider the Honda Accord. It is America’s bestselling car of all time. It is hailed for its durability, reliability and low cost. It also does everything its competitors do or even in some cases, better. You can find 2013 – 2017 models for between $10k and $15k according to Consumer Reports.


Purchasing a used car can be a great way to save money. New cars lose their value quickly, which is why they often aren’t the best investment. The above list are just a few used car options to consider while doing your research. Always comparison shop to score the best price.

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