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  1. Man holds kids telling them about financial hardship

    Financial Hardship: How to Tell Your Kids Money is Tight

    Experts share how parents can navigate financial hardship with their children. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the U.S. economy. Over 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment since March of this year. Whether you or your spouse have been let go from your jobs or you’re preparing for a potential layoff, your finances have probably changed…

  2. The Keys to a Successful Budget

    The Keys to a Successful Budget

    Discover 8 things every successful budget has. You can have brighter days if you’re not constantly worrying about money. Building a successful budget is one way to do that. Whether you have never created a budget before or not sure if you have the right budget, use the guide below to form a better budget and succeed at saving. 1….

  3. Self-Care: A Financial Checklist

    Self-Care: A Financial Checklist

    You can achieve financial wellness with this simple financial checklist. The idea that we all require self-care for wellness is a concept that’s gaining popularity. Self-care is a focus on the self and keeping track of your wellness physically, emotionally and mentally. We argue that taking care of your personal finances is part of self-care as well. Your finances can…

  4. Back-to-School Moments During a Pandemic

    How to Save Back-to-School Moments During a Pandemic

    How parents can save back-to-school moments for children The pandemic has altered many things about the way we live and going back-to-school is one. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the country, many schools are continuing virtual learning through the fall. Some schools are going completely online, while others are taking a hybrid approach. High school seniors are facing…

  5. Tips to Save on Road Trip Costs

    Tips to Save on Road Trip Costs

    Learn how to save on road trip costs Many Americans are opting for road trips over flying this year as coronavirus cases continue to spike across the country. Many families have been separated due to the pandemic. It’s been five months since cases begin to spread, and people are becoming anxious to see each other. As disease experts worn people…

  6. COVID-19 Checklist for Going Back-to-School

    COVID-19 Checklist for Going Back-to-School

    Back-to-School COVID-19 Checklist This year, back-to-school is going to look a lot different. There will be a lot more going into back-to-school planning than usual. Your school will have undoubtably created a COVID-19 checklist for going back-to-school that they have or will share with you. Schools are putting policies into place to prevent the spread of coronavirus to students and…

  7. Falling behind on bills

    Falling Behind on Bills? Tips for Catching Up

    What to do when you’re falling behind on bills If you are falling behind on bills, you’re not alone, especially during this pandemic. About 46% of consumers paid a bill late, because they forgot to pay the bill, were short of money or for another reason in the last 12 months. Another six in 10 Americans are anxious about bills,…

  8. Stay at Home Financial Lessons

    Stay at Home: Financial Lessons We Learned from Staying Home

    Stay at home financial lessons to apply post quarantine For most of this year, Americans have abided by some form of stay at home orders. Whether you were in strict quarantine or your state had shelter in place orders, you discovered what it was like to spend most of your waking hours at home. Being in a lockdown for the…