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A brighter future with BrighterPays

BrighterPays is an online lending marketplace that helps consumers with all credit types find the personal loan that’s right for them. This process is often time-consuming and not fully transparent. With us, consumers only have to apply once to have their application presented to a vast network of lenders that extend funding to consumers across the credit spectrum. There is never a fee for our service. And because we’re online, we’re always here when you need us.

  • Personal loans up to $10,000

    Simply specify how much you need up to $10,000 for what matters most to you. You can use your funds for just about anything.*

  • No fees and our service is free

    A better way to find your perfect personal loan. You simply apply just once and have your application presented to multiple lenders.

  • A simple, transparent process

    Our online process is easy. Select how much you need, tell us a just a little about yourself and get an online decision while you wait.

  • There’s never an obligation

    Just because we find you a lender doesn’t mean you are obligation to accept the loan you are offered. Make sure it’s right for you.

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A simple, transparent, online process to find your personal loan

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  • Simply tell us how much you need
  • Wait online while we’re presenting your application
  • Lookout for your funding to arrive

Personal loans with purpose

Flexible funding for what matters most to you

  • Education

    Funding for tuition to start or finish your degree

  • Home Improvement

    Start on your next home improvement project

  • Debt Consolidation

    Consolidate multiple payments into one easily

  • Personal Needs

    Overcome financial hardship and stress less

  • Car Purchases

    Get behind the wheel of your next car faster

  • Medical bills

    Pay off outstanding medical debts with ease

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